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Cannon Core


What does the word core mean? The core is the most important part of something. The human body core is the center of our body and movement, but yet it is often times the weakest part. Think of your core muscles as a chain that links the rest of your body together. If your core is weak or inflexible it can impair the function of arms, legs, every day movements. A strong core can enhance stability, balance, and power.

The core consists of abdominals (rectus abdomins, transverse, external obliques, and internal obliques), hamstrings, quadriceps, erector spinae (lower back). This is often confusing, because many people believe that when you are talking about the core you simply mean the abs. But not so. These muscles work together to help you perform everyday tasks such as housework, lifting kiddos, gardening, sports, exercise, and many other activities.

We work hard every day in Cannon Fitness and I wanted to develop a way for us to work on a core strength, toning, cardio, resistance training...all of it! So I developed Cannon Core. Cannon Core will consist of movements to help you feel, contract, and control all muscles in the abdominals while working the other muscles of the core. A low impact class, done without shoes to enhance balance.

Want to strengthen your core? Try these lower ab exercises to get started. The lower abdominals are one of the hardest areas to target, especially for women who have had children!


  • While driving sit up straight and pull your back into your seat, flex, and pull in your lower abs so your back is completely against the seat. Trick...its not your back pulling towards the seat, its your abs pushing. Hold for 10 and release..repeat.
  • Do the same movement while laying in bed. Make sure your lower back touches the mattress. Feel the muscles near your pelvic bone as you contract. Hold for 10, release, and repeat.
  • Stand up straight! Standing up straight, not only makes you look taller and thinner, but it also pulls your abs in and engages your lower back, shoulders, trapezius, and chest. Thats a lot of muscles! The more you are contracting...the more calories you are burning!
Try this exercise to help increase your lower ab strength. This can be done every day and is for everyone! 
  • Place your hands underneath the small of your back (not your sacrum).
  • Lift your knees to a 90 degree angle.
  • Pull your lower abs in (feel them down to your pelvic bone) and feel your back on your hands. You want to keep your back on your hands throughout the entire exercise. If you feel it lift...pause, rest, and then start back up!
  • Alternate heel drops for a total of 10 each side, then 10 double, and 10 leg drops. Repeat 1-2x. this is a slow and controlled movement. Repeat daily!

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