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Believe in Yourself


How much different would your perspective of yourself be if you focused on loving the things you love as much as dwelling on the things you dislike about yourself? Today we are chatting about building confidence and loving yourself for exactly who you ARE! We can admire someone else's beauty, inside and out, without questioning our own. We are all made in a wonderfully unique way. Today is the day we appreciate our beauty and strengths!

Do The Things That Make You Happy! 

When you go for a run or workout, how do you feel after? Happy, energized...maybe a little tired;) But you feel good. Do more of what makes you feel good! Seek time each day, if just a few minutes, to release the tension and make yourself feel good. Your happiness is just as important as your families, your friends, or your co-workers. Giving yourself this time isn't selfish! When you feel happy, that energy becomes contagious and those around you feel it and want it!

Show Yourself Some Love.

Today when you look in the mirror, I want you to  say one thing you love about yourself and then another, and then another. Telling ourselves what we love nixes the negative talk. Don't let yourself go towards what you dislike. Stay positive and show yourself the love! More than likely we can't change what we don't like, but what we can change is our view of ourselves. 

Believe in Yourself.

You are always telling others they can do it...well so can you! My favorite quote, was given to me by my best friend during a difficult time. I look at it each day to remember I can do what ever it is that I want out of life! If I fail...its ok, I will learn and move on. That isn't to say it isn't scary, but if I don't try how will I ever know? 

Wear Red Lipstick.

Be bold! Wear what makes you feel good. I always use to tell my students "don't come to school in pajamas." What are pajamas for? Sleeping, so that is exactly what you are going to feel like doing in them. Step out of your workout clothes, take a shower, and dress how you want to feel. Feel the boost in your energy and confidence when you are wearing something that makes you feel amazing! 
Most importantly, be you. Know you have a purpose and share it! We can worry about what others think, but that is wasted energy. Use these tips to boost your confidence and spread your happiness to those around you. 

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