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 "Find your tribe and love them hard with Cannon Fitness." 

Gallon Challenge! Best way to prep for summer..drink your H2O. One gallon a day now till May 31st!


Benefits of Drinking UP
-More energy
-Get that summer skin glow
-Fight bloat
-Better digestion
-Improve brain function
-Help shed a few pounds
Grab your gallon and get drinking for these amazing benefits!
"Strong alone, but stronger with Cannon Fitness!"

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SOUTH RENO w/Heather Cannon

All Classes 5:30 am
M: Core w/  | T: BOOM Camp | W: BOOM Camp
Th: Kickboxing | F: BOOM Camp/Yoga

Midtown w/Katey & Jordan
All Classes 5:30 am
M: BOOM Camp  | T: BOOM Camp | W: Core
Th: Tabata/BOOM | F: BOOM Camp/Stretch

2019 Schedule

January: 7th- February 1st
February 4th-March 1st
March 4th-March 29th
Break April 1st-April 5th
April 8th-May 3rd
May 6th-May 31st
June 3rd-June 28th
Break July 1st-July 5th
July 9th-August 3rd
August 5th-August 30th
Sept 3rd-September 27th
Break September 30th-October 4th
October 7th-November 1st
November 4th-November 29th
December 2nd-December 27th
Break December 30-January 3rd 2020

$107 for 4 weeks

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