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 "Find your tribe and love them hard with Cannon Fitness." 

Temperatures are rising..and so are we! Taking our workouts to the next level with our first ever team competition. 
Midtown vs. South 
Which location will raise the temps the most?! 

Attendance Temperature:
Raise the temperature 1 degree each day you attend 
Each location is working towards 100 degrees!
Daily Reps Temperature:
Each week, locations will be assigned 25 daily reps. Complete the reps, earn your team 1 degree for each day. Which team will reach 200 degrees first?!
Week 1: 25 burpees
Week 2: 25 pushups
Week 3: 25 mt. climbers (per leg)
Week 4: 25 in and out jump squats
Which location are you joining for the challenge?! 

"Strong alone, but stronger with Cannon Fitness!"

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SOUTH RENO w/Heather Cannon

All Classes 5:30 am
M: Core w/  | T: BOOM Camp | W: BOOM Camp
Th: Kickboxing | F: BOOM Camp/Yoga

Midtown w/Katey & Jordan
All Classes 5:30 am
M: BOOM Camp  | T: BOOM Camp | W: Core
Th: Tabata/BOOM | F: BOOM Camp/Stretch

2019 Schedule

January: 7th- February 1st
February 4th-March 1st
March 4th-March 29th
Break April 1st-April 5th
April 8th-May 3rd
May 6th-May 31st
June 3rd-June 28th
Break July 1st-July 5th
July 9th-August 3rd
August 5th-August 30th
Sept 3rd-September 27th
Break September 30th-October 4th
October 7th-November 1st
November 4th-November 29th
December 2nd-December 27th
Break December 30-January 3rd 2020

$107 for 4 weeks

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