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Fit Fuel Formula

The Cannon Fit Fuel Formula was developed to help you succeed in loosing fat and building lean muscle mass. The program is  offers you 30 days of complete meal plans (5 meals a day, 7 days a week). The goal of our program is for you to learn to eat clean and offer you support to succeed. We hope that this program becomes your lifestyle!

The Cannon Fitness Fit Fuel Formula is your guide to follow while participating in the program. The Fit Fuel Formula is no considered a diet, but a way of life that is sustainable. You have options and variety. These are lifestyle changes. If you choose to incorporate I promise you will be successful and see the results you want! This is not a calorie counting plan! You will instead be choosing nutrient dense foods. This is not a "no carb", "no fruit" plan. Becoming successful with your diet is about portion control and timing. I want you to feel satisfied, full of energy, and balanced. You will be eating 5 meals a day and they will be CLEAN, GREEN, and LEAN! As with any nutritional program we will have our "off" days or moments. But don't let these times or poor decisions ruin everything you have going for you. Learn your triggers and develop a plan to overcome them. Use your mistakes as a tool to prevent them from happening again in the future. The one thing I ask of you is "NOT TO GIVE UP!".