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Booty Toner!


Who doesn't want to tone their booty? Here is the perfect do any where workout to help you do just that! No equipment needed. Do while you watch TV, watch the kids play in the yard, right before bed...anytime! 
Part 1
Repeat 3x
1. Hip Extensions 15-20
2. Sway 15-20 (each side)
3. Double Sway 15-20 (each side)
4. Hip Extension March (20 each leg)
5. Hip Extensions (15-20)
Tip: lay flat on the ground and tilt your pelvis up so that your back now lays flat on the ground. Engage those lower abs and then lift your hips to the hip extension position. This will help keep your abdominals and glutes tight the entire workout and keep your lower back safe and pain free!
Part 2:
Repeat 3x 
1. Clam Shell 20 (each side)
2. Inner Thigh Lift 20 (each side)
3. Knee to Knee Extension 20 (each side)
4. Lateral Leg Lift 20 (each side)

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