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Fall Training Schedule:
Classes M, T, Th, F
5:30 am 
Carat Park & Elite Training
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Join our Small Group Training Program! 
 Training with a certified personal trainer
Be held accountable for your workouts
Join a community
 Get the support you need
A different workout everyday
Strength training
Drop in's Welcome! $20 (plus you get access to ZOOM recording) email to reserve your spot

All Classes 5:30 am pst
 | M: BOOM Camp | T: BOOM Camp
Th: BOOM Camp | F: BOOM Camp

One mobility class per month

Elite Training

All classes will follow strict social distancing guidelines, participants will be required to bring their own equipment.

Set of free weights (5-7lbs, yoga mat, long resistance band)


State of the art facility!

8975 Double Diamond Pkwy Ste A12 
Reno, NV 89521 

2022 Schedule

Spring Break March 21st-25th
April 4th-April 29th
May 2nd-May 27th
May 31st-June 30th (No class Memorial Day May 30th)
Summer Break July 4th-8th
July 11th-August 5th
August 8th-September 2nd
No Class Monday September 5th Labor Day
September 6th-September 30th
No Classes Fall Break October 3rd-7th
October 10-November 4th
November 7th-December 2nd
December 5th-December 23rd

$107 for 4 weeks

**All cancellation require 30 days minimum notice