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Join our Small Group Training Program! 
 Training with a certified personal trainer
Be held accountable for your workouts
Join a community
 Get the support you need
A different workout everyday
Strength training
-ALL Zoom workouts will be recorded and accessible after the live workout 
-A mobility workout
-Shared playlists
-And more!

Payments for Zoom only can be made through
Venmo to @Heather-Cannon-5 or through
"Strong alone, but stronger with Cannon Fitness!"

Limited time offer..Refer a friend receive 1 month free!!

Zoom Workouts

All Classes 6:00 am
 | T: BOOM Camp | W: Core
Th: BOOM Camp | F: BOOM Camp/Yoga

Elite Training

All classes will follow strict social distancing guidelines, participants will be required to bring their own equipment.

Set of free weights (5-7lbs, yoga mat, long resistance band)

All classes 5:30 am

M: BOOM Camp Elite Training| T: BOOM Camp Elite Training| 
Th: BOOM Camp Elite Training | F: BOOM Camp Elite Training

State of the art facility!

8975 Double Diamond Pkwy Ste A12 
Reno, NV 89521 

2021 Schedule

March 1st-April 2nd
No Classes March 15-19 Spring Break

$107 for 4 weeks

**All cancellation require 30 days minimum notice