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Cannon Core

Cannon Fitness

Cannon Core

August 6th-August 31st

Cannon Core is designed as a low impact class that hits your core from every single angle. You will build a strong, lean core while increasing balance and power! We will be utilizing all parts of the core including glutes, hamstrings, abs, and quads. This intense core workout session will work your abs through 3 planes of motion. Unlike traditional sit ups and crunches that work in a linear motion, we will be using unique exercises that challenge your core from every angle, revving your metabolism, and help turn your body into a fat burning machine. Cannon Core is aligned with our BOOM Camps to help you take your body to the next level!

South Reno - Mondays with Katey

Old Southwest - Wednesdays with Katey


What you will need:

You, a yoga mat, shoes required!

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