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About Cannon Air

CANNON AIR is a trampoline fitness program. This innovative workout is the first of it's kind in Northern Nevada. It is one of the most dynamic, effective workouts you will ever participate in!

  • Increase balance and core strength
  • Increase total body strength and coordination
  • Low impact on joints - Major caloric burn
  • And if that isn't enough... it is also really FUN!
Classes are held at
EZ Air Sports 895 E. Patriot Blvd, Reno 89509 | 775-853-1200

Membership Prices:

  • Month-to-Month: $120/month for UNLIMITED classes!
  • 3-Month: $110/month for UNLIMITED classes!
  • 6-Month: $99/month for UNLIMITED classes!
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    TRY IT FOR FREE at our open houses, March 24th and April 14th at 8am.